We deeply appreciate every person who finds strength within himself to fight a problem and we are ready to provide him with professional and discrete help.


  • We are the only non-governmental center offering comprehensive outpatient programs to treat addictive disorders.

  • We offer quick and effective help by psychologists, addictologists, psychiatrists and professional relaxation therapists.

  • We also specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, personality disorders, and sleep disorders.


Individual and group therapy

I feel depressed, anxious, and cannot get enough sleep…


Controlled alcohol consumption

I do not want alcohol to control me; I want to be able to drink responsibly...


Abstinent programs for dependent

I want to stop drinking completely and I need support...


Burnout Syndrom, Sleep disorders

I feel burned-out, exhausted, and I cannot sleep...


The first Czech accredited treatment center for addiction according to the addictology program of Prof. Dr. Joachim Körkel.


The effectiveness of the new concept of addiction treatment has been demonstrated by numerous foreign studies and since 2014 it has been included in the National Action Plan for Combating Addiction in the Czech Republic. Read more…

Controlled alcohol consumption

Not every person is able to stop drinking immediately and achieve a lifelong abstinence.

It may be difficult to encourage people at any stage of a drinking problem to seek help and aim for a lifelong abstinence owing to a combination of reasons; some people who have had several unsuccessful attempts may stop believing in themselves and in their ability to abstain completely, for others the process may seem too long or they do not want to accept the often stigmatizing role of a “recovering alcoholic” and others, in the initial phase of abstinence, feel like they do not have the inner strength to achieve it.

Controlled alcohol consumption therapy is an alternative way to manage dependency and addiction for individuals who want their consumption to be under control.

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Complete diagnostic examination for identifying the level of addiction

  • In which state do I truly am?
  • Is alcohol for me just a pleasant change in my everyday life or is my consumption starting to get out of hand?
  • Am I at risk of addiction?
  • If so, how serious is my situation and what should I start doing?
  • Does my consumption cause any other implications in my physical health?
  • Is it possible for me to start drinking casually again or should I completely abstain?
  • Do I use alcohol as a means to suppress anxiety, depression, or stress?

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Klinika, čekárna

Outpatient treatment for substance abuse and other addictions

In the Czech Republic, the widespread view used to be that the only effective for of treatment for alcohol addiction, as well as other addictions, is inpatient care, which takes the form of long-term hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital. The anti-alcohol treatment associated with the removal of the patient from a potentially damaging environment is, in extreme cases, essential for the treatment of addiction.

Modern research, however, shows that intensive outpatient addiction treatment, combined with supportive pharmacotherapy if necessary, can also lead to satisfactory and long-term results. Psychotherapy may take the form of individual therapy or group therapy.

In this type of treatment, unlike the self-help program of “Anonymous Alcoholics”, the groups are run by a professional psychologist or a professional addictologist and are made up of a maximum of five clients.

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Klinika, čekárna

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