Group Therapy

„I would like to have a safe environment where I could talk about my worries and troubles with people who deal with similar problems...“
Skupinové terapie
Skupinové terapie

Group therapy typically consists of two therapists with a small group of clients (up to five individuals). In group work, there is a focus on interpersonal processes and problem-solving, whilst ensuring strict confidentiality and anonymity. Group therapy can be very effectively combined with individual therapy.

The principles of group therapy

Group therapy offers clients the opportunity to better understand themselves in the context of their relationships and solve pressing problems not only through the therapist’s direct intervention but also through the group dynamics that are in place, i.e. the relationships that are created within the group.

A well-guided group is not merely a sum of individual members who take turns receiving individual therapy while others observe; instead it is a space where members can feel secure and learn new patterns of behavior through turning to other individuals who deal with similar issues for support.

Clients often feel reassured and comforted through realizing that others experience similar trials and that their suffering is normal. Group therapy is meant to be both a giving and receiving experience, and clients have the opportunity to not only share and provide their support by listening, but they also receive feedback from their trusted confidantes which leads to the elimination of negative feelings of isolation.

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